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Glitch: Last Rare Candy in Bag (Name tentative)


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This page will be used to document the various usages of this glitch (before it gets patched)


#1. Evolve mons where the species have an evolution, but those mons can't evolve due to reasons (Male Salandit or G-Meowth/G-Eevee, for example)

Have the one that is about to evolve (and can evolve) in the first slot.
Have the one you intend to evolve in the second slot.
Have nothing else in the remaining slots.
Use the last rare candy on the first slot.
Right as the EXP bar starts moving, hold Down on your Joycon, at you'll hear the cursor move down.
The 2nd slot would instead be the one that evolves, despite EXP going to the 1st slot.

Presently, this trick does not appear to work with stone evolutions,
so cannot get G-Pikachu-> Raichu, or G-Eevee->Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon.
This also means that stuff that requires Happiness can be evolved at the level it is caught,
and various evolved forms can be obtained under-leveled.

#2. Evolve Eggs (species in egg must match the species in the slot above)

Keep in mind the one that is about to evolve be on 1st slot, and the egg be in 2nd slot.
Only hold the down button once the 1st slot gains EXP.
Same as steps in #1.

#3. Giving an inaccurate amount of EXP

Have one mon in the first slot (preferably high level)
Have another mon in the second slot.
Keep the remaining slots empty.

Prepare to use the last rare candy on the 1st slot.
Right as you click "A", immediately hold the Down button on your Joyon.
(if you the Down button too late, the EXP would go to the 1st slot, like Rare Candy normally would)
You'll hear the sound that indicates that cursor moved, and your 2nd slot would be awarded an inaccurate amount of EXP.
The EXP is based on how much the 1st slot would have needed to level up.

*Page will be updated as more information appears*

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