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HG/SS PokePic DS help


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I have found the location of my sprites in HG/SS. a/0/0/4.

I extract the narc, which I have to add the extension to. This may be the first problem, I am unsure. 

However, when I open it in PokePic DS, the only images I get are garbled messes. I am trying to make custom shinies for some of my favorite pokemon. 

Any advice to fix this? What am I doing wrong? 

Also, for whatever reason, I can't find a version of PokePic that is not in Italian. 

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so, the sprites aren´t suppose to be in a .png,jpeg,etc. format? since the images are messed up, i would assume either you did something wrong or the images are set as an improper file format. i would the images themselves are the issue. not too fimiliar with the ds pkmn games, but it would be a safe bet that you would need to change/convert the sprite images to .png or some other image format. i could be wrong thought. 

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