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Very Noob question


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Every time I try to open my platinum.sav file It says ERROR: Wrong File Type. I'm trying to edit my box to put some pokemon in them but I'm not able to. I have included my .sav file, could you check to see if anything is wrong with it. I'm very new to this so if you would help thanks a lot.

I think your trying to put party pokemon in your boxes which won't work because party Pokemon have more data

I suggest if those pokemon are needed specifically that you empty your party in game then reuse pokesav to add them to your party

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I went into the text file that is produced once you make setting changes and changed it from Confirmed to Unconfirmed. Then started the emulator saved and it makes the file larger. I found it on youtube.


Replace your NO$GBA.ini file to this NO$GBA.ini file, then save your game.

It will then work with Pokésav.

The file won't extract.

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Yeah it still doesnt work proper.it is the right size, but not the right type.You must use the converter its not that hard. (JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP SAVE INCASE YOU SCREW UP.)

Open it,

click config and set the path to where the ini is,

then click the change button

now click run,open the game save it then click save on the steps menu,

now just find the save in the box on the left and click convert

delete your old save and rename the new one so it matches it

simples :)

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