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Using PKHeX: Importing and Exporting Super Secret Bases

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PKHeX can be used to Super Secret Bases (.sb6) from our Event Gallery or from our User Contributed section.

  1. Start PKHeX and load your save file as described in a previous section.
  2. Scroll down on the bottom right, and click on the Secret Base button.
  3. Click on any of the entries listed under Favorite. [Note: you won't be able to import or export your own secret base, the * entry]
    For example, we'll be clicking on entry 0.
  4. Now "view" the entry. This can be done by clicking on the > button.
    (It "sends" the entry to the viewer on the right)
  5. Now, the Import and Export buttons have appeared.
    If you're looking to Export, click on Export, and you're done.

    For this example, we will focus on Importing. Click on Import.
  6. Now go to whatever folder you have the .sb6, and load it.
    For this example, we'll use this file.

    You'll notice that the Import replaced the top-most Empty entry.
  7. Save the progress you've made, in the Secret Base Editor.
  8. Now save your file.


Note: I believe PKHeX does not import any Secret Base that has a location already occupied.
Keep that in mind when doing any import.

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