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User Contributed Super Secret Bases

Share your Super Secret Base files with everyone here!

Please include a nice thumbnail as the first image, and include the QR code for the secret base! Also describe where the location of the Secret Base is!


The guide relating to importing and exporting these files can be found here.

2 files

  1. Never enough of Blissey bases

    EXP grind out of nowhere. It's also sorta sad that this category is so empty.
    12 Bases:
    x6 - Route 114.
    x2 - Route 116 (Rusturf tunnel courtyard).
    x4 - Route 125.
    3 Blisseys:
    Triple battle.
    Hasty nature with max attack, min def and hp.
    Healing wish (which won't work in a tripple battle though) and toxic orb.
    As a small bonus, all trainers can be invited as pals for fortune telling. And to dodge rock smashs and tunnel runs, lmao.


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  2. PPorg's Super Secret Training Gym

    This Super Secret Base allows users to farm for EXP, by battling the Gym Leader PPorg who has 3x Blissey.

    It can be located south of the Shoal Cave. Flying straight to Route 125 would land the player at the mini islet that hosts the SSB.


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