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Pokémon BlazeBlack 2 Level-up Move Editing

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Recently, I became interested in playing some DS Pokémon ROM hacks again; while I could edit vanilla Platinum, SacredGold and BlazeBlack easy enough (mostly using tools from HackRomTools for Gen IV and ANDT/Pokémon Rom Changer for BlazeBlack), BlazeBlack 2 posed a problem, due to Drayano having decreased the file size by around half (quote from https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-blaze-black-2-volt-white-2.337303/#post-4450405: "the patch also eliminates the leftover unused data in the rom").

This means narc files, extracted via NarcExplorer 3 (from HackRomTools) don't actually work; I tried extracting a/0/1/8 (movepool) from BlazeBlack 2 and feeding it into ANDT, only to be met with a bunch of nonsense (a whole list of Lv. 0 moves that kept repeating, the list of Pokémon only extended to Arceus and the Gen IV alternate formes, and ANDT thought it was a HGSS file). I found a Pokémon Rom Changer tool specifically for BlazeBlack 2 on Reddit, but that only edits Base Stats, TM/HM compatibility, Abilities, types, etc. - no learnset editing, though. ANDT is fully compatible with the original BlazeBlack and the unpatched Black 2 ROM, but not BlazeBlack 2.

I would try hex editing - I've had to do it for Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts II.5 Final Mix, via PS4 Save Wizard - but I don't have the right hex editor or any knowledge of how to hex edit learnsets (offsets, how it's formatted).

Quite unfortunate, really; I just wanted to give Cloyster Pin Missile (what's the difference between Spike Cannon and Pin Missile?), condense Serperior's learnset (so I don't have to wait until Lv. 68 for Leaf Storm...), and add Night Slash and Cross Poison to Toxicroak's learnset (those knuckle claws should be more useful), among other changes.

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Try NitroExplorer2b; the 'eliminating unused data' is just trimming the unused data at the END of the ROM. You should still be able to extract narcs.

If all else fails, you can always edit the savefile and give moves you think you should have.

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