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Problem Accessing the Site in IE8


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For some reason when I try to access the site using IE8 I get an error message that says "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.projectpokemon.org. Operation Aborted." I've done Googleing and have found out that the error can be caused by problem in a site's coding. Can anything be done? Has anybody else had this problem accessing the site in IE8. BTW, in case anyone wonders, I'm accessing the site via Firefox right now.

EDIT: It only seems to happen when I try to go to the main site. If I directly to the chat page or the forum it works fine.

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I just tested this in IE8 and did not get the error.

Malware or add ins (in addition to a poorly coded site) can cause this.

In this case I really don't think Project Pokemon's coding is at fault, though. I would consider removing add-ins and making sure that you are not infected.

For anyone interested in the underlying technical cause of these errors in IE -- This happens when JavaScript attempts to edit a child element of an unclosed parent element.

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... why is Firefox becoming an evangelistic browser? You guys make it seem like it is the perfect browser. Sure, it is good enough for me and all, but that gives me no reason to trash Internet Explorer. I personally feel Internet Explorer is superior... and that memory leak feature from Firefox is evil... but use whatever browser you like.

Anyhow if no one is going to answer mbruno's question, I will close this thread. And I am using Internet Explorer 7 and I am not experiencing any problems with that right now. I have no idea what to say :(

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