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600 Balancer (makes all Pokemon competitive)

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From the readme:

Section I: Purpose

    To make all Pokemon competitive. The difficulty is also  increased, as even a Raticate has a BST of 600.

Section II: Description of Edits
    This program scales the Base Stat Totals of all Pokemon as follows:
    1) Pokemon that evolve twice (like Bulbasaur or Porygon) get a BST of 300
    2) Pokemon that evolve once (like Ivysaur or Eevee) get a BST of 400
    3) Pokemon that don't evolve:
        a) Legendaries with BST greater than 600 are not scaled
        b) Legendaries with a BST of less than 600, and all Pokemon that do not evolve (like Venusaur or Tauros), get a BST of 600, except for:
            i) Wishiwashi School Forme is scaled to 700, its base Forme is left as is
            ii) Porygon2 and Scyther are scaled to 600
            iii) Shedinja is scaled to 400, then its HP is reset to 1
            iv) Regigigas is scaled to 600, and gains the Abilities Iron Fist and Sheer Force
            v) Slaking is scaled to 600, and both it and Slakoth gain Unaware, except in Generation VII and on, where they gain Comatose.
            vi) Darmanitan-Zen is scaled to 630
            v) Greninja-Ash is left as is.
        c) Mega Evolutions of Pokemon with BST not greater than 600 are scaled to 700, holding their HP to the value of their base forms
        d) All in-battle Forme changes are scaled as above, holding their HP constant to keep the game mechanics constant.
    Details, including a Speed Tier calculator, can be found in the included Excel file.



Release is available at https://github.com/ABZB/Pokemon-Rom-Balancer/releases/tag/1.1

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