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Most legitimate gen 8 leak ?

Hello, it's me!

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From this source , we may finally have some legitimate gen 8 leaks on our hands


While i'm aware that most of the gen 8 stuff floating around 4chan are fake and the admins & mods on 4chan dont usually mind letting the users spread around false information


but apparently in this case the user who posted this got banned within 3 minutes and had his entire thread deleted


Luckily another user managed to copy-paste the information on the original thread within that short span of 3 minutes and made a separate post


After some research i've come to know that there was a few pictures added to that original post as well ( who knows maybe some in-game screeshots ?? 👀👀 )

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Don't bother with 4chan leaks for now. More often than not it becomes a large pile of mess because the leaks are not coming fast enough and so people like to speculate and make their own ideas come forth or just to troll people with ideas they always wanted, only to make people disappointed. Sometimes every now and then some real information or something close to it comes out, but take everything with a pinch of salt.

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