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I'm not sure if this is the place to post, so sorry if this thread is misplaced. I want to try the RNG trick, but I need my Secret ID, and I heard that if I trade a pokemon caught in my game to someone who has AR, then they could find my SID for me.

Can anyone help me out? I've been looking for help in many forums with no help, but this place seems good. Please help!

EDIT: I am now offering a Legit Shiny Articuno for anyone who can help me find my SID!

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there is a special thread at either smogon or on this site, that people will find your sid for you.

people usually do it all the time for other people, so just wait a bit and someone should help!

i would do it, but i can't at the moment :(

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You need a high-leveled SHINY (non-chained) Pokemon or 4-8 chained shinies. I am currently trying to chain, but so far my highest chain is 17, so it will require some more work. The thing is I am busy with school for the moment and so if anyone can help me find my SID, then I will be greatful!

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yeah, it was the only reason i could think of that you would need it for, if you can't use the other methods.

why don't you just go in the trade forums, and trade a shiny articuno, but only if they will tell you your sid in return. (the articuno i assume is not yours otherwise you could use it to find your sid?)

the traders might even trade a copy back to you.

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