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PKhax misunderstanding - Mew

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I just want Mew or Darkrai in Lets Go Eevee.
When I put my save in it I can get the errors down to "unable to match encounter to origin game." But theres so many to choose from I figured Bulbapedia might know about Mew.
I need more specific info.... I found it but it's quite a read.

So Ctrl-N and Pick a Mew right? Poke park poke ball plus whatever it's in LGE. Why are the IVs errored now. I can't find those on Mew's page.

Now I can't even get that far. This programworked beautifully up until now. I used this extensivelyfor Sun/Moon. But I guess yo spoon fed me pokemon.
I followed this but poke transfer was never a choice.

These files don't work for me either.

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Darkrai doesn't exist in LGPE.

You can't bring in Pokemon from other games into LGPE yet.

The Ctrl+N and picking a Mew from Poke Ball Plus works fine for me (with the latest commits, not the latest release download -- please wait for the program to be updated).

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Just to clarify/elaborate, it is not that PKHeX/PKHaX is implementing a block because those Pokemon cannot be normally obtained in those games, it is simply the 3DS model and other data associated to those Pokemon do not exist in those games.

You can very well try to hack in unused moves or Pokemon, but they all become eggs.
(which is worst than SM demo; at least they all become Pikachu)


As for the Mew, Kaphotics is already aware. If you read PKHeX's changelog, I think it says Mystery Gifts Legality checking is presently not supported. It should be fixed in the later updates

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