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LGPE Research: Encounters bleeding into a different location


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Hello all, this thread is a research thread to document encounters that bleed into another location. (as per this report)

Since I've made the report, I've made more discoveries.

Bleeds over:
1. Ground Pidgey Route 1 -> Pallet Town
2. Air Charizard Route 1 -> Pallet Town
3. Ground Rattata Route 1 -> Pallet Town
4. Ground Rattata Route 2 -> Pewter City
5. Ground Rattata Route 3 -> Route 4
6. Ground Raticate Route 7 -> Celadon City

Use the template to report your discoveries!
(Ground/Air/Water) (Species) (original route) -> (bleeded into location)

Also, more or less confident that it doesn't bleed:
1. Route 2 /-> Viridian City (pidgey appears to hit a barrier before reaching me)
2. Route 9 /-> Cerulean City (land stuff can't jump ledges, except maybe flyers)
3. Route 5 /-> Cerulean City (land stuff can't jump up or down ledges, except maybe flyers)

and any route/city connected by gates.

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