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a few quest regarding pokemon traded from in game NPC


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Hi everyone,

I am currently playing Platinum in NO$GBA, after following the walkthrough I came to know that I can actually trade a wild caught Machop level 7 in Route 207 to a Abra level 7 nick Kazza from a little girl by the name Hilary in a house next to the PokeMart in OREBURGH CITY.

After doing so, i tried to extract the Abra's data using Pokesav & checking the legality

These are the information shown

Checksum: 0xBDAB - Valid

Pokemon ID: 142 - Quiet, Male, Ability 1, Not Shiny

IVs: 15,15,15,20,25,25

Trainer ID: 25643

Secret ID: 0

Trainer Gender: Female

Hidden Power: Ice - 34

Fateful Encounter: No

Gender Check: Valid

Effort Values: Valid

Nicknamed: Yes

Home Town: Sinnoh [Platinum]

Country Originated: UK/US/AU

Type: Hacked Pokemon

May I know why is the legal.exe showing that this Abra is a Hacked Pokemon?

This does not make sense since it was trade from the system itself and Machop used was not generated from NO$GBA? I am very sure that this are the original information given without editing

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Sorry everyone, just seen the announcement... the problem is solved, the new legal checker just prompt me that the monster was Type: Static (usually in-game traded)

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