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Saving to a DS cart and wondercards


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Hi! I want to start manipulating my save files to create wondercard events.

I understand that you can save a save file to your PC to manipulate it and then re-save it back to the DS cart. Can someone tell me if it is possible to save the save file on a spare DS cart (on a game cart that I don't use)?

If that sort of thing is possible, is it possible to save a wondercard on a DS cart so that it acts a distribution cart?

My ideal outcome would be to save a distribution cart wondercard onto a spare DS cart and use that in another DS to send the wondercard 'legitimately' to my Pokemon games.

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Thanks Matt140, that makes sense. It explains why the wondercards are added to a save file and the save file to re-loaded to the cart. I assume that this emans that any particular save file can only be re-loaded back onto a game with a matchign ROM - i.e. a Diamond Save file cannot be loaded onto a Platinum game?

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Yes, that's true.

But interestingly, pokemon games that are pretty much exact (that have "partner" games) allow their saves to be interchangeable.

e.g. Diamond and Pearl saves are interchangeable with each other

HG and SS saves are interchangeable with each other

Platinum doesn't have a "partner" game, so it can't. (just like yellow, crystal, and emerald)

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