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Messing with Misc. Edits corrupts my Poketch


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What the title says

I'm using PKHex on my US Platinum save and I wanted the max amount of coins in the Coin Case but messing up with that menu corrupted my Poketch, I don't see it anymore in the lower screen (and one time corrupted my save too), and I don't know what to do to restore it

Here's my save file if you need it!
<file removed due to file name>


Edit: I'm using the latest PKHex version

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Just now, Kaphotics said:

Use the latest release and reload a backup save file.

The latest release has this fixed:

 - Fixed: Using the Gen4 Misc editor no longer corrupts Pokétch data.

Yeah I didn't make it in time but I'm already using the latest... that's why I just edited my first message, I just read that part in the changelog

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(Sorry for the doublepost)
Thanks for reminding me PKHex automatically backups your save, I recovered the latest not-corrupted one! Again, thanks Kaphotics!
But still, this happened in the latest version of the program (2018/06/01 if I'm not mistaken) so it's probably still a bug...

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Sorry for reviving an old thread but I experienced this just now with the latest PKHex. It seems like it's still not fixed. Another guy on Discord also said he experienced this so he had to use another editor. I editted my battle tower scores under "Misc Edits" and my Poketch disappeared. Restoring back to a save that didn't edit anything under "Misc Edits" makes my poketch come back. I never had this issue with my US Platinum save, only with my US pearl.


There's a workaround to this, you just have to get all the poketch apps legit and then you can edit anything under "misc edits" and everything will work as intended.

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