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  1. (Sorry for the doublepost) Thanks for reminding me PKHex automatically backups your save, I recovered the latest not-corrupted one! Again, thanks Kaphotics! But still, this happened in the latest version of the program (2018/06/01 if I'm not mistaken) so it's probably still a bug...
  2. Yeah I didn't make it in time but I'm already using the latest... that's why I just edited my first message, I just read that part in the changelog
  3. What the title says I'm using PKHex on my US Platinum save and I wanted the max amount of coins in the Coin Case but messing up with that menu corrupted my Poketch, I don't see it anymore in the lower screen (and one time corrupted my save too), and I don't know what to do to restore it Here's my save file if you need it! Pokemon Platinum Version (US)(XenoPhobia).sav Edit: I'm using the latest PKHex version
  4. I'm pretty sure I always close the program before moving the files, but I'll try again, thanks! For the fixes, I went to TeamCity to download the latest build but I found it broken, pic related under the spoiler:
  5. Hi, I'm stuck with a problem trying to randomize Y (I tried three times) Basically, PK3DS tells me it randomized correctly the things I selected (Abilities, TM/HM/Tutor learnset) in the "Personal Stats" tab, but playing the game showed me it didn't randomize the abilities (didn't try with TMs) (the Wild Pokémon have their original abilities, and only some Trainer Pokémon are with randomized Abilities) Also the Level Up Move randomizer is broken: selecting Bias by Type gives the Pokémon all STABs even when you feed him a low %, and the two options below (Expand Pool, Spread Evenly) ar
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