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Pokémon XD : I guess a lot of shadow IDs are wrong and exchanged


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I will try to explain in the best way I could. If you don't understand, or you don't see what I mean, feel free to ask me clarifications.

Before, look these images :



Now, I guess lot of Shadow IDs are wrong, and exchanged with (redirecting to) others shadow Pokémons.

I also battled a Natu (https://www.serebii.net/xd/pokemon.shtml #177 at Phenac), but it wasn't shadow at all, plus it was using shadow moves, so it should definitely have been shadow.

So, why it wasn't?

Because I guess Shadow Pokémons have a Heart Gauge before even they are caught, and I think I put its gauge as 0, previously on a pokemon with a wrong ID.

Let's say it was a Vulpix. I set the Vulpix's gauge to 0 to easily purifying it, but it's actually Natu's gauge, redirecting to it, while the Vulpix's gauge still actually full with 5000.

So once the battle vs Natu start, the game read its gauge as 0, think it's not a shadow pokemon, and prevent me to caught it.

It's possible to fix that?

I don't know how to explain better, but feel free to ask questions.

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I'll just give me master balls and items, but I won't touch any data related to Pokémon (level, moves...).

Then I will caught all shadows Pokémon, then make a backup of pkm files (if I want use some for the story) then send you the save, so you'll have a copy of all unaltered shadow pokémon in your pc.

Would that be enough ok for you?

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12 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

I just need a few examples of what is expected for the shadow gauge so that I can first figure out what is being handled incorrectly.

I found a list of the shadow gauge per Pokémon here:


Is that what you need?

I will also complete the game, and trying to cross pokemons

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  • 5 years later...

Bumping this thread because I noticed that 4 Pokémon that I edited with PKHeX glitched my P★DA.

  • Spheal:
    • list says Roselia
    • clicking on it's entry, it shows Roselia's model but Spheal's Met Data
    • wrong location (says team, is box)
  • Mareep:
    • wrong location (says team, is box)
  • Seedot:
    • empty name in List
    • wrong location (says team, is box)
  • Houndour:
    • wrong location (says team, is box)

Sadly I didn't back up my original PID for those 4 Pokémon so my hope is that someone can help figure something out.

Attached a list with screenshots of P★DA data. Obviously that doesn't help since it just shows 5 bars no matter how high the heart gauge.

Shadow ID List.pdf Shadow ID List.xlsx

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