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Korrina is soooo adorable <3


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Seriously, she is just SO pretty! And hot and sexy and lovely! And I love her just so much. And I don't care if it's weird. I LOVE HER!!!! She makes me feel happy she's just so beautiful I wanna snuggle her...and be her best battle buddy......and go out with her.


Nnnnnnn please no mean comments! >_<;;; We all have our quirks, okay? ;) And, for anyone who gives me slack about 'certain things' about her (i'm mainly talking about if she's 'under age'. i don't think it matters what gender she is if she's real or not at all :P), remember that Korrina is a work of fiction...I have all my rights in the world to have a crush on her, i'm sure it hurts no one.....


(feel free to fan boy or fan girl if you agree with me that she's a total cutie pie!!! ^w^)

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