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Using PKHeX: Importing Wondercards

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Hello, I made a account on here just to ask a few questions and maybe some answers. I have imported both .pgt and the .pcd so I can view the wondercards, but whenever I load the save file up in PKHeX they either aren't there or show a bright red box. The red box happened to me when getting the 2008 VGC Lucario and the Pokémon that just are not appearing are the surfing Pikachu from Pokétopia, and both Pokétopia Electivire and Magmortar.

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On 4/20/2020 at 11:32 PM, galan97 said:

It was the first one that I found that seemed to ask about my problem, it's the first time I'm using PkHex, and yes, the delivery guy appeared at last for me, but I have other 3 mystery gifts that appear as obtained in the wonder card, but I dont have them, neither the delivery guy nor in the bag, the items are the Mystery Key, the darkrai one (members pass, I think?) and the Oak Letter, I read that I should use the Mystery gift editor 1.4.2 version, but it's not available, only the 1.4.3 (which seems to have problems with GenIV games), so now I have that issue. Thanks for replyng!

Hey, I was having the same problem of the delivery guy not showing up despite going through all the steps and I finally figured it out.

If anyone also has the same problem, just set your PCD wondercard to BOTH the PCG and the PGT sections. The delivery guy should be available then.

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First of all thnks to the PPorg community and the PKHEX developers, you guys rocks.

     I'vn using PKHEX for some years now in Gen7 games, but I have two questions around my head because of my lack of thechnical knolegde about the program. Outside of the obvious action of redeem the pkmn with the delivery guy after inyecting the Wonder Card

1. is there a real difference / benefit in the pkmn data when inyecting the wonder card to my save file vs draggin the pkmn from de mystery gift data base to the PC?.

2. Is the Wonder Card PKMN legit or is consider a hack mon? I always dragged the pkmns but maybe there's a benefit from using the WC when i have the opportunity. Hope i can state my question in the right way. Thnks. 🤙


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