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So I just recently learned that Generation IV Pokemon have Pal Park locations programmed into the games. I should have assumed this, as it would be required in case someone like us here at Project Pokemon decided we wanted to load a Gen IV .pkm into the Pal Park...just because we can. lol

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone (Sabre?) has the locations for those Pokemon normally unavailable in the park. I'm just curious where some of the Pokemon would be placed.

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Actually, I was more curious where the 4th Gen Pokemon were already predetermined to appear. I don't really wanna change where any of the Pokemon appear, but if a Giratina was place in the Pal Park, where exactly in the Pal Park would he appear? Mountains? Grassland?

More curious what the "natural habitat", out of the 5 areas, they belong to.

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The file contained in /arc/ppark.narc (in a DPPt ROM) has where the data on this is. As far as I know nobody has mapped this.

After a little mulling over it it seems there are 6 bytes for each pokemon, with the first two pertaining to where in the pal park a pokemon would be met.

This is what I got:

00 02=pond

01 00=forest

02 00=mountain

03 00=field

00 04=sea

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