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The Spiked ear pichu


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OK every one knows about the spiked ear pichu how it can't be traded and can't evolve, well my question is:

Is there anything stopping you from saving the .pkm file and putting it on another game (apart from the sprite of corse)? and another question which is related to the spiked ear pichu but not save game hacking related, Can the spiked ear pichu breed?

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As a baby Pokemon I doubt it can breed. Nor evolve, nor be traded, though I'm sure you can use the .pkm save to load it onto other games or force evolution. I dont know how this would effect it though.

As for putting it on other games, I beleive it would just be seen as a regular Pichu, or turn into a Bad Egg. If you evolve it it could also possibly go Bad Egg on you, so I'd be careful.

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When you transfer the gizamimi pichu to another game,

its sprite remains the same (unless u edited its data, so when saving it will be seen as a normal pichu).

Basically this pichu is another forme

(means using hex editor, u can see that the sprite is another value).

So even if you use pokesav to force evolve SEP (spiked ear pichu) to Pikachu,

There will be two results:

1. because you edited it, it will be a normal pikachu,

2. even if you changed back the sprite value to SEP (when its a pikachu),

it will probably retain normal sprite, unless another spiked ear pikachu sprite forme was earlier

programmed into the game back scrapped off at the end.

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