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2 hours ago, camus0314 said:

I need someone to help me with an event converter to turn them PKM files into several large quantities.
I need that tool very urgently.
Thank you.

Nobody has made this tool because there is no urgent need.  You can use PKSM, or drag/drop into PKHex, or use PKHex.Core to make your own application.
Also keep in mind that lots of people sell pokemon on Ebay, and we do not condone that behavior.  Other than selling or scamming, there is no reason to make every event pokemon so easily.

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12 hours ago, ajxpk said:

First of all...
Why are you opening a Thread with the same question twice? 

As @Sabresite said such a thing doesn't exist because there is simply no demand for it.
Normally people generate their Event Pokemon In-Game, because that's how it works if you want a legitimately generated Pokemon.
Be happy that PKHeX offers you an alternative, it shouldn't be taken for granted.

I don't even see why it's so urgent. Why would someone need tons of Event Pokemon in a short amount of time?
I don't want to be suspicious of you, but it sounds a little bit fishy to me.

It's not even to sell or anything like that, it's to create a SAV to collect all those events.
The idea is to create a .bank file (PKSM) and give it away in the groups since it would be very fun to have all that amount of events.
It's not even to generate income or anything like that, it's just for fun.
And if I need it, it is because the process of converting the events in .PKM format is very slow, because I wanted a tool to convert many to the field.
Thank you.

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