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Unintentional name changes (♂-character)


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I've been using pkhex for multiple games over the course of ~1,5 years, mainly Y, OR, Sun and US.
However, what was always consistent is the fact that after I edited a Pokemon once, it started disobeying me, even though i've never changed anything.
Basically, I can view the pokemon and immediately set it again and the next time I throw it out to battle it starts disobeying me / appears to be from a different trainer.
In addition to that, if I enable early mega evolution in USUM, all of my pokemon start appears to be from a different OT.

I believe I finally found the reason for that. You see, my ingame name is "Fabian♂" (i know its stupid, its kind of a running gag and i'd love to keep it).
I don't know if this is an issue thats exclusively to the German version of the game, but my games use a different ♂-character than pkhex does.

I can't really show this in pkhex because it changes the name immediately, but it is visible in pksm and the games.

Here is an unedited slowpoke. As you can see, there is a ?-Character in the ot-line, and not the ♂-character:

And here is a Larvesta, which hatched from an egg after I checked the "Early Mega evolution"-Box and saved the game. The Larvesta was inserted with pkhex by using the slowpoke as the base.

If you compare the two ingame screenshots, you can see that the ♂-character in the picture of Slowpoke is slightly lower than the one in the screenshot of Larvesta.

Below are two saves, the first one is from before editing anything and the second one is after activating early mega evolution and nothing else.

main - before activating mega

main - after activating mega

Thanks for looking into this, I'm sorry if my english is a little off, I'm not a native speaker.

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