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psmd The Harmony Scarf Pattern

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The harmony scarves are very special scarves featured in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Their origins are mysterious, and only some of the backstory is revealed later in the game.

We can learn a little more through data mining at least. Thanks to SPICA, a tool made by @Reisyukaku and gdkchan that can open BCH models, we can see the in-game representation of the scarves. In the game's ROM, there's an archive file called gimmick_graphic_unpack.bin. Inside it, there's some models for the scarves, named scarf01.bch through scarf05.bch.

Here's the one we see in-game:



While this is pretty cool, it doesn't show much more than we can see from the illustration shown at the top of this post. The other files show us the actual pattern:



The other scarf files, scarf03.bch through scarf05.bch look just like scarf02.bch. It's possible that plans to show more of the scarves were cut for whatever reason.

Here are the raw textures for each model:


scarf01.bch's Texture


scarf02.bch's Texture

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