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USUM Singapore Marshadow


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As per this reddit post, marshadow is officially released in singapore. Some things to note is that it is apparently the same as the TW/HK marshadow, except that this cannot be redeemed in sun and moon. and the z-crystal is not included.

Sorry i do not know how to create the summary template, copy pasting seems to mess up lots of things, but the reddit post do have pics.

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16 minutes ago, lpoi said:

i did saw this thread. but unlike the info posted in that thread, this does not work on sun and moon (i tried redeeming it just now), and does not comes with the z-crystal. so i'm not sure if it is the same event.

It appears they changed the HKTW distribution to be USUM only,
so this Marshadow is also affected by that change.


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