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Water VS Fire


What type is better: Water or Fire?  

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  1. 1. What type is better: Water or Fire?

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Uh can't really decide. is this mostly based on Pokemon? or actual things, like fire providing heat, warmth, and ability to cook food.

While water provides health, like cleansing wounds, and drinking water to rehydrate your body.

So i guess both. If not both, nothing at all.

If this was all based on Pokemon, i would choose Water, because my 3 favorite Pokemon are weak to fire. (Weavile, Lucario, and Scizor)

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Trivial games? This isn't a game and there was a topic like this before. =O

I like Water types of course... they happen to be my favorite. But that does not mean I do not like Fire types, there are many Fire types I happen to love, but I just love Water Pokemon better, especially stuff like Politoed or Azumarill... frogs and bunnies ftw!

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Fire, It is second only in my types list to Dark. Most of my favourites are Fire types, I always pick the fire types for starters.

I really am obsessed with Fire types.

I recently bought a really rare Magmar plush, cost me LOADS.

It makes me feel better after seeing the 25" Rare Lugia go for £200 (GBP). Lugia is my number 2 favourite Pokémon and probably one of the only non-dark or fire in my favourite list!

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