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Pokemon Ultra moon Plugin 1.0


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These codes can use only GateWay3DS. Can not be used with the "NTR Client" & "NTR Client with Gateshark" & "Gateshark2NTR" & "Citra".

What the plugin provides: 

#    Cheats available in this plugin        #
- 100%Catch v1.0
- Catch Trainer's Pokemon v1.0
- (Hold START and Open OPTIONS menu)Access 
- Camera zoom out(SELECT+L)Enable, (SELECT+
- Enable View of Enemy Pokemon HP v1.0
- Can throw Pokeball at Trial v1.0
- Egg Instant Hatch v1.0
- Able to rename Outsider Pokemon in Name R
- Receive Egg from Daycare v1.0
- Can use Z-moves multiple times v1.0
- Z-moves use is possible without Z-Crystal
- Raises the all Status of a Pokemon by 6 s
- No Outlines v1.0
- Max Money v1.0
- Walk & Run Speed Multiplier v1.0
- Instant Messages v1.0
- BP9999 v1.0
- No Encounter, Hold START Instant Encounte
- No Forced Trainer Battles v1.0
- Rematch Trainers (Hold L & talk to Traine
- (START+L)Wild Pokemon Shiny, (START+R)Dis
- Wild Pokemon Modifier v1.0
- (SELECT + UP)All TMs & HMs v1.0
- (SELECT + UP)All ITEMS x950 v1.0
- (SELECT + UP)All Z-Crystal v1.0
- (SELECT + UP)All Rotom Power x950 v1.0
- Pokemon Can Learn Any HM/TM v1.0
- QR Scan Point 100 v1.0
- No QR Scanning Wait Time v1.0
- Always critical hit v1.0


I will do updates to the plugin in the future, so keep in mind.


[Wild Pokemon Modifier v1.0]
005B9FC0 E1D500B0
005B9FC4 E12FFF1E
005B9FC8 E5C40004
005B9FCC E59F0000
005B9FD0 E12FFF1E
005B9FD4 00000XXX <- Pokemon ID
005B9FD8 000000YY <- Pokemon LV
003A7298 EB084B48
003A72A8 EB084B44
003A72C4 EB084B3D
DD000000 00000004
005B9FC4 E59F000C
D0000000 00000000
Then hold SELECT until you get a encounter


[Walk & Run Speed Multiplier v1.0]
x0.5:3F000000, x1:3F800000, x1.5:3FC00000, x2:40000000, x2.5:40200000


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