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Pokemon X and Y files treat ORAS moves as illegal


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18 minutes ago, Dunsparce said:

As the title says, my X and Y save files lit up like a christmas tree when I uploaded their files to PkHex. Any Pokemon that had moves that were exclusive to ORAS(Move Tutors, Egg Moves, Level-up moves, ect) were treated as illegal.

Upload some of these files, so that we can verify the case.
In the mean time, assuming PKHeX is working as intended, these are the reasons why these will be flagged:

1. Move tutors: If origin was XY, and Pokemon doesn't have information that shows it was traded, mean the moves were hacked onto it
2. Egg Moves: For Pokemon in XY to have ORAS egg moves, its origin cart must be ORAS, and must appear to have been traded.
3. Level-up moves: For Pokemon of XY origin, it must appear to have been traded.

Trading updates memories, geo location data, and adds a "Latest (Not-OT) Handler" under OT/Misc


Edit: Btw, I just tested what I've said above, and it's seems for the Move Tutor instance, PKHeX is working as intended.
Yveltal no trade data, no move tutor: Legal
Yveltal no trade data, w/ Heat Wave: Illegal
Yvetal w/ trade data, w/ Heat Wave: Legal

There's a possibility that you've made a mistake with modifying your files.
You should upload them for us to see.

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