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SM - Mallow's Steenee (KOR)


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I did not see anyone post this thread, and I almost missed this entirely. Also I had to look up these characters' English names, so I hope i have that right. Anyways, this is a character from SM series's Steenee. There is nothing special, but acquisition is via Serial Code.



Species: Steenee

Item: Yellow Nectar

OT: 마오 (Mao)

ID: 170919

Nature: Naive

Gender: Female

Ability: Leaf Guard

Ball: Precious Ball

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon


  • Magical Leaf

  • Doubleslap

  • Sweet Scent

Acquisition Method: Serial Code ALOLASTEW762

Event Date: The event started at 18 September 2017 at 18:00, but I do not see the information on where it ends in the site. I gave the site a cursory look so I may have missed something.

Misc Information: The code reveal is tied to the episode which aired during the following dates:

애니맥스 (Animax) : 19 September 6 PM
대교 (Daegyo) : 19 September 7 PM
KBS Kids : 19 September 6:45 PM

IVs are randomised. There is nothing else that seems to be interesting about this event. How did it fly under the radar here I don't know.


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