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USUM - 7x Big Malasada / 11x Fresh Water (JP)


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According to the list of big preorder bonuses on the Japanese USUM website, it looks like pre-ordering at certain retailers (7-11?) will get you a serial code for a big malasada and a fresh water.


Relevant text: "どうぐシリアルコード(おおきいマラサダ・おいしいみず)(『ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーン』のいずれか購入)".



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Buying the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will give you a serial code for 7x Big Malasada and 11x Fresh Water.

It is Buying to "Ito-Yokado (イトーヨカドー)" and "7-Eleven Online(セブンネットショッピング)" only.


Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/usum/lineup/170922_03.html

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