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SM - Shiny Silvally (JP - Serial Code)


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A new event has been announced for players in Japan!
Between 22nd Sep to 16th Oct 2017, bring your copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon to participating shops in Japan,
and you'll get a Serial code to obtain the Shiny Golden Silvally (Lv. 100), holding a Gold Bottle Cap!

While stocks last, limited to one code per person.

DJbZawIVYAEFDgk.jpg large.jpg

Redemption period till 16th November.
Note, that the big box on the top left hand corner says Game Demo.

Source: https://twitter.com/iceposs2000/status/907151454233702400

Writer's thoughts:
This is not at all surprising, since Shiny Silvally promo cards were announced.
It's like Shiny Tapu Koko all over again.


(images from Pokebeach)


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 Species   Silvally
 Nickname   (default, save lang)
 OT   (TBA)
 TID   (recipient)
 Distribution   Serial Code
 Item    Gold Bottle Cap
 Dates   Sep 22 to Oct 16, 2017
Code Expires Nov 16, 2017
 PID   Shiny PID 
 Games   JP: SM 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 100  

Format Ver.1.0.5-2, Post Updated Date:20173311_1933

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According to Corocoro, it comes as a bonus for pre-ordering USUM. Not sure if it's specific stores or anything though.

Now the question is if that extends to pre loading to the eshop or not, since I know they can give serial codes that way. (As was the case with Mew you could claim in Gen 6 when purchasing any of the JP VC Gen 1 games)

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