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Requesting the Following Genned Pokémon—Willing to Offer Cloned Kyogre


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FC: 3841-1122-0767




Level 100

384 HP

212 Attack

214 Defense

438 Special Attack

310 Special Defense

237 Speed



31 HP

31 Attack

29 Defense

31 Special Attack

25 Special Defense

31 Speed



174 HP

252 Special Attack

84 Speed


Trading for:

6IV Timid Shiny Charizard

6IV Adamant/Jolly Shiny Metagross

5IV Hidden Power Ice Modest Rotom

6IV Adamant Bisharp

6IV Timid Shiny Greninja

6IV Adamant Shiny Aegislash

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2 minutes ago, Geistalt said:


Just so you know, I don't play SM; I'd like them traded to Alpha Sapphire.


Also, am I supposed to use met at level 0 or 1 if they're hatched?

Never mind; I found out it's supposed to be at 1.

Sure, I can trade to you using ORAS.
So send me legal copies of those pk6, and I'll be able to trade to you!

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