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PkHex Legality Errors on Gen 6 [Updated]


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I apologize if this is the incorrect board. I did not see a general sticky to report issues, and it seems most of the legality threads were redirected to this board.

I was referencing my save in PKHex while I was going through Pokemon Bank (saves me so much effort from having to go to the move re-learner to see what egg moves things have), and I noticed a few things registered as illegal, that are in fact, legal.

I can send the .pk6 files to PM to the developers upon request. Just tell me which one(s) you need.

1) Baby Pokemon and Pokeball Issues: May be more, but these are the ones I saw.

- Apricorn Balls with Chimecho: While it is impossible to catch chimecho in an apricorn ball in HGSS, the baby form, chingling, can be found with Sinnoh sound. The chimecho being flagged was born on Gen 6.

- Apricorn & Safari Balls with Cleffa: Opposite issue of the above. Cleffa is not able to be caught in HGSS, but Clefairy is found in both the safari zone and Mount Silver. The cleffa in question originated on Gen 6. The clefairy parent is fine.


2) Shedinja and relearnable moves: A shedinja (originated on XY, hatched on ORAS) has all four egg moves being incorrectly flagged. "Invaild Relearn Move X: Not an expected Relearnable move." This shedinja came into existence upon a Ninjask evolution. The Ninjask is fine.


3) Bank HA Feraligatr: Now this is a weird one. The feraligatr that originated on my USA 3DS is being flagged because of Ice Punch. The feraligatr that originated from my JP 3ds is not.


4) N's Pokemon (JP): N's pokemon that originated on my JP B2 cartridge are being flagged "Invalid: The Name/TID/SID of N is incorrect.". Every single one I have is flagged (I misplaced his Kling and Boldore), I'll attach his Zorua. 


5) This wondercard: 

I injected the wondercard from Project Pokemon back in '12. It was RNG abused on an JP emu save so it'd hatch shiny when I traded it to my Japanese B2 cartridge. I suspect all the event moves would be flagged, but I only have acrobatics left on mine:

"Invalid Move x: Invalid move. (Acrobatics)
Invalid: Fateful Encounter should not be checked." 


7) Colosseum Umbreon: This one originates from my save, so I can verify it's legitimate and has not be edited. "Invalid: Encounter type PID mismatch. Invalid: Special ingame Fateful Encounter Flag is missing." I'll attach this one, since nobody is going to want a cruddy umbreon with terrible IVs. Don't trust your memory, folks.

That's all I have for now. I still have over 1,000 pokemon I still have to check, so I'll report back if I notice anything else.


570 - ゾロア - 19A8FF00001F.pk6

197 - Moonlight - 105D3B8BBD8D.pk6

Edited by Britty
Fixing formatting and forgot about my umbreon
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Really? Huh... That's strange. It's been 13 years or so, so I guess I forgot? I don't remember editing anything past Ruby version (aside from changing a nickname on a Raichu of mine) 14 year old me usually made things shiny or outrageous move sets, like a Magikarp with fire blast which I kept on that containment game. I'm very curious at whatever my intention was on the umbreon, or if it was just a side effect of me messing around. Ahh well, knowledge lost to the ages I guess.

Sorry about that then.


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For the new update:
- Cleffa still being flagged illegal in a safari ball
- Apricorn Barboach is still being flagged as illegal. You can catch Whiscash in HGSS in violet city.
- Some headbutt/rocksmash encounters from Gen 4 flagging as illegal (adding to help research)
- Still having an issue with the Feraligatr, compared to the Japanese one. (can resend both .pkm, as well as the others from the promotion if needed)
- Slowking being flagged with an illegal move, Rock Smash. Rock Smash is a TM/HM in Gen 6, so I'm not sure if this is a fault of Pkhex or if this GTS pokemon has an actual problem.
- Looking at my Gen 5 games, have a weird thing where nickname doesn't match the species for a charmander .(I know there was something *weird* with ripping them from an emulator (or was it a sav?) in Pokegen days in Gen 5, so I'm not sure if that's related or not)
- Getting it for a Pichu as well
-...and a croagunk
- Flagging a traded Basculin from a NPC in BW1 as invalid
- Doesn't seem to like hidden hollow pokemon (or at least my Amoonguss)
- Doesn't like a link trade egg in Gen 5 (I think that's what the error is?)
- Doesn't seem to like an Exeggcute that came from a swarm from W1
- Having a shiny mew that was RNG abused on JP Emerald be flagged as illegal, but when I inspect it, it shows as legal. Not experiencing this problem when looking at the backup on the Gen 4 game. (can send .pkm upon request) (The rufflet is correctly flagged as illegal)



Missing illegal:
- Catches the premier ribbon from pokecheck, but not flagging an illegal hidden ability (as it was hatched) on this other Charmander. Charmander can only have the HA in Gen 5 if it came from the Dream World as ditto could not pass on HA from males.

Things I'm not positive on: 
- Not sure if my Hadou Mew I got off the GTS in Gen 4 is legal or not (probably safe to assume it's not cause ~gts~) but it's showing up as being unable to be matched to a mystery gift.
- Getting a PID mismatch on a togepi from LG. Since clearly my memory of me editing things in Gen 3 cannot be trusted with the umbreon situation (and unlike umbreon it has pretty good IVs for Gen 3. I know I was shocked when I saw the IVs on pokecheck years ago), I'll attach it here. (Would be nice to know if it's legal or not, because if not I'm going to release it.)

004 - Charmander - D91E2722A9A4.pk5

098 - Krabby - EB03A3825C78.pk6

102 - Exeggcute - 8E2E49E4CEF4.pk5

133 - Egg - 6CC001D6BE10.pk5

172 - ピチュー - F898D3B8D4EB.pk5

173 - Cleffa - 48A1F26BD115.pk6

175 - Toge - D47287C106BA.pk5

199 - Slowking but move looks legal - 42A44E1C0D67.pk7

339 - ドジョッチ - 5723395FCFA0.pk6

396 - Starly - BAC9DF4FE043.pk6

396 - Starly - E273A75C850C.pk6

453 - Croagunk - 3E24E1A5B392.pk5

550 - アカメ - 1F5E9400007F.pk5

591 - モロバレル - A7BACDE27432.pk5

Illegal HA.pk5


Edited by Britty
Whoops, wrong image. The original image was me snarking at at friend over a very illegal tangrowth from wondertrade.
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Found some more miscellaneous issues. These are on Gen 4 from my Japanese Soul Silver. 

1) It doesn't like eggs that originated from my ENG pearl that were hatched in my JP Soul Silver. (I recall Pokecheck having an issue with this originally too)
2) The Pikachu with Fake out from the Yellow Forest pokewalker course is flagged invalid. All the other pokewalker Pikachu I had sitting around were fine.
3) Invalid species names for both Nidoran genders.

Doesn't like I hatched it in Violet City when I traded the egg from Pearl - 229 - Amber - 56AA28C71811.pk4

Doesn't like I hatched it in Violet City when I traded the egg from Pearl - 127 - Vice - DFA38F671826.pk4

Doesn't like I hatched it in Violet City when I traded the egg from Pearl - 259 - Syurn - 1BCF8F210E98.pk4

Doesn't like I hatched it in Violet City when I traded the egg from Pearl -048 - Titac - 897238A1DF0A.pk4

Fakeout Pikachu from Pokewalker - 025 - ピカチュウ - A3CFCAFFFF4E.pk4

Invalid species name Nidoran Female from JP SS - 029 - ニドラン⑮ - A47D86AF0597.pk4

Invalid species name Nidoran male from JP SS.pk4

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