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  1. I apologize if this is the incorrect board. I did not see a general sticky to report issues, and it seems most of the legality threads were redirected to this board. I was referencing my save in PKHex while I was going through Pokemon Bank (saves me so much effort from having to go to the move re-learner to see what egg moves things have), and I noticed a few things registered as illegal, that are in fact, legal. I can send the .pk6 files to PM to the developers upon request. Just tell me which one(s) you need. 1) Baby Pokemon and Pokeball Issues: May be more, but these are the ones I saw. - Apricorn Balls with Chimecho: While it is impossible to catch chimecho in an apricorn ball in HGSS, the baby form, chingling, can be found with Sinnoh sound. The chimecho being flagged was born on Gen 6. - Apricorn & Safari Balls with Cleffa: Opposite issue of the above. Cleffa is not able to be caught in HGSS, but Clefairy is found in both the safari zone and Mount Silver. The cleffa in question originated on Gen 6. The clefairy parent is fine. 2) Shedinja and relearnable moves: A shedinja (originated on XY, hatched on ORAS) has all four egg moves being incorrectly flagged. "Invaild Relearn Move X: Not an expected Relearnable move." This shedinja came into existence upon a Ninjask evolution. The Ninjask is fine. 3) Bank HA Feraligatr: Now this is a weird one. The feraligatr that originated on my USA 3DS is being flagged because of Ice Punch. The feraligatr that originated from my JP 3ds is not. 4) N's Pokemon (JP): N's pokemon that originated on my JP B2 cartridge are being flagged "Invalid: The Name/TID/SID of N is incorrect.". Every single one I have is flagged (I misplaced his Kling and Boldore), I'll attach his Zorua. 5) This wondercard: I injected the wondercard from Project Pokemon back in '12. It was RNG abused on an JP emu save so it'd hatch shiny when I traded it to my Japanese B2 cartridge. I suspect all the event moves would be flagged, but I only have acrobatics left on mine: "Invalid Move x: Invalid move. (Acrobatics) Invalid: Fateful Encounter should not be checked." 7) Colosseum Umbreon: This one originates from my save, so I can verify it's legitimate and has not be edited. "Invalid: Encounter type PID mismatch. Invalid: Special ingame Fateful Encounter Flag is missing." I'll attach this one, since nobody is going to want a cruddy umbreon with terrible IVs. Don't trust your memory, folks. That's all I have for now. I still have over 1,000 pokemon I still have to check, so I'll report back if I notice anything else. 570 - ゾロア - 19A8FF00001F.pk6 197 - Moonlight - 105D3B8BBD8D.pk6
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