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can i request some pk6?


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sorry to request pk6



Pokemon Species: Registeel from gen 3

Held Item: (nothing)

Level: 100

Ability: Clear body 

shiny : yes

Nature : Bold

Pokéball Captured In: Master ball

EV : HP 252/ B252 / D6

IV : 20 / 0 / 21 / 13 / 19 / 15  

Location/Date Met:  (in gen 3) Ancient Tomb (Route 120)/ 2005. 06.25


Seismic Toss

- Toxic

- protect

- stealth rock





i want to get legal shiny bold registeel from gen 3

i want to make myself, but RNG or PID something was very hard to understand... yeah TT its very hard to understand...

so.... if you kind make that registeel... please?

and pkm was ok too...

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