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Save Editing in Pokemon Rumble (Wii edition)


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Hi !

If i'm making this thread is because i'm searching everywhere for this, but I've never found anything good about this...

So to do simple, i'm Shiny Hunting A LOT on it, but now it's getting annoying to find always the same Shiny (1* Alakazam is awesome, 5* Alakazam is boring) so I'd like if there's any information to edit the save in order to have other Pokemon (and this way having a different Shiny collection), and i've to admit that finding more informations about save editing in Pokemon Ranch is quite weird.

I'm dreaming of a "level editor" with Pokemon for the game, but I guess i'll deal with just save editing informations.

Thanks !

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Hey! I have the same problem when searching for it (I won't need it, as I have it on the 3ds) But your best bet is on a website called gbatemp.net/

It is where theSlayer found a Pokémon Rumble World editor for me, and where I have found a few abstract save editors before.

It is probably your best bet, and if you don't find anything, go on Reddit.com, make an account and post something on one of their forums.

Hope this helps!

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