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BTX Editor HG/SS (Modded From Kazowar's Program)

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This is a modification of Kazowar's BTX Editor. It's used to modify the BTX (texture) files used for overworld sprites in the NDS games. Kazowar stated that "BTX Editor is a horribly wrote program and is full of stupid limitations." But he gave me permission to decompile it, modify it, and re-release it. So I have.

This version has been updated to support any of the character overworlds from HG/SS. There are still quite a lot of overworlds that it won't work with unless completely rewritten, like Pokemon, or anything not 32x32, or anything with more than one palette. I've also take the opportunity to change the interface. Buttons are now above the image, and the window will also resize to fit the image, rather than the reverse. I also changed the icon to differentiate it from the original.


1) Extract BTX files from the game, found in HG/SS at /a/0/8/1.

2) In BTX editor, hit [Open .btx]... and open a .btx file.

3) Hit [save .png as...] and save the image.

4) Modify that image.

5) Hit [Open .png] and open the modified image.

6) Hit [save .btx as...] and save the modifed .btx file.

7) Insert the new file into the game in place of the original.



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