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Anti cheating mode request


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Hi, first of all good work with the new version of Pkhex, now all bugs are solved. I just noticed that if I try to verify pokemon HG save checksum I receive, pasting from the clipboard, "Large block checksum is invalid", but I don't know if this is normal or not. Anyway, here's my request:

Is it possible to add a mode that locks the pokemon tab cheating? It can be useful for who just want to clone its pokemon, and always clicking "View" -> "Paste" you may change something for a mistake. For example in the old pokesavs you were able to just click "Save" and "restore" without any risk to editing because you need to click "edit" to do it. So I'd like something like this is in a simple way like an option that disable pokemon editing.

I hope it will be considered. :)

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Viewing a Pokémon is just viewing a copy of the data. The Pokémon in the box is not modified if it is viewed and the data tweaked.

Think of the Box as a Bookshelf. When taking a book off the bookshelf, PKHeX will photocopy the book 1:1 and allow you to edit the copy. When you put something back in the same location, it'll replace the data with the copy.

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