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answered Online Hack Possibilities?

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I created a hack based on Pokémon Omega Ruby and its 1.4 update - thanks to which, the hack allows me to go online. This got me thinking - what can and can't be done with this?

If I tried to trade a Pokémon with hacked moves, stats, typing, Ability or anything of the above, would I be able to do so? Would Wonder Trading, GTS trading or local trading all be possible? And if so, would any of those elements return to normal on the receiving game?

If I wanted to play a match with modified type chart, moves or Pokémon (types, stats, Abilities etc), would it be possible? Would local and online both work? If so, what would be the requirements? Would both games participating in the match have to be the hack or do I only need one to act as a "host" of sorts? Would both players' Pokémon be affected by the changes? Could challenging a passerby on PSS throw them into a surprise messed-up match? Would playing on Battle Spot also be possible? Or would it get me banned in a second?

I'm particularly interested in the battling aspect - I've created a hack that attempts to balance out the type effectiveness and would love to try battling, either online or locally, to test how the meta would change.

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For the longest there were many flaws in the online battle system. For example, I knew some buddies and came across others who hacked the pokemon to be permanently mega-evolved form and able to hold different items. Some could have certain values in the code adjusted/hacked while being overlooked so long as it was blatant enough for the game system to pick up on it (which throws into question why people were able to perma-mega evolve pokemon hacks and give items, yet they could be allowed?). Also they tested and got all stats maxed EVs at one point too. As for values adjusted, this could be characteristics that don't match up, MAYBe origin, memory data, certain items, incorrect pokerus strands not created in game, etc. Whether or not any or all of these were patched since I last checked remains in question. But I know of people who took advantage of these holes and messed with people for fun.

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