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unanswered Attacks with Custom Type Effectiveness?

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We know pk3DS is able to edit moves. It also is able to edit the type chart. But the latter requires cro editing, which renders the hacks unusable without the right custom firmware. Looking for an alternative, I came upon an idea.

Is it possible to add special type-effectiveness for attacks?

Surely, You know what I mean. Freeze-Dry is an Ice attack, yet it's super-effective on Water-types, ignoring the chart. Flying Press is a Fighting attack, yet it has an added Flying-type effectiveness, resulting in a completely different offensive capabilities. Would it be possible - and if so, how - to modify the effectiveness of other moves? Say I want to modify the type chart, but I can't afford cro editing - changing all the attacks in this way, while tedious, would accomplish the exact same thing.

Has anybody looked into this? Does anyone know if it's doable?

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