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Gen II Collection [.PKM/Saves] [ENG] - Update 2016-04-25

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Moved: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?48694-RoC-s-PC-Collection-through-the-Ages-U-20160519

Have been having quite some time lately...

20160425 - 1811

- 251/251 Dex

- 6/6 Gold In-game trades

- 6/6 Silver In-game trades

- 7/7 Crystal In-game trades

- 26/26 Unown

- 100% Gold Save

- 100% Silver Save

- 100% Crystal Save

- Time Capsuled Pokémon from my Gen I Collection

- 31 PCNY Events from GU

- GameSharked Celebi GS Ball Event

Extracted using

- Metropolis' PKXDelta

Gen II PKM File Structure (for reference)

0x00: Species (Index)

0x01-0x0B: Trainer Name

0x0C-0x16: Pokémon Name / Nickname

0x17: Species (Index)

0x18: Held Item

0x19: Move 1

0x1A: Move 2

0x1B: Move 3

0x1C: Move 4

0x1D-0x1E: Trainer ID

0x1F-0x21: Experience

0x22-0x23: HP EV

0x24-0x25: Attack EV

0x26-0x27: Defense EV

0x28-0x29: Speed EV

0x2A-0x2B: Special EV

0x2C-0x2D: IVs

0x2E: Move 1 PP

0x2F: Move 2 PP

0x30: Move 3 PP

0x31: Move 4 PP

0x32: Happiness

0x33: Pokérus

0x34: Caught Data

0x35: Level

0x36: Status Condition


Ammako, GU's save in .sav format

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