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idea Wild Idea, Need Some Data

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So I had a wild idea recently - a Pokemon Platinum ROM hack that would use very little from the original game - just the Pokemon, stats, typing (basic stuff, if ya get me), and the engine - and make the rest all unique. I'm thinking custom scripting, custom region that connects to every region from every Pokemon game from 5th gen and back. I basically want to make my own Pokemon game with Platinum as a base

But here's the issue: I have absolutely no clue if it's even possible. If it is, I don't know where to start. So here's what I need from he community:

1) Is this possible? If so, go to 2; else, go to 4

2) What limitations would I have, if any?

3) What tools would I need to do this? (end list)

4) What would I need to make a fan game this massive? Keep in mind that I'm nearly broke

Thank you!~

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commas can be helpful
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