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bug Special character gets messed up when importing G5 .pkm files


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When you import a G5 .pkm file with an OT (not tested for nicknames) that includes a "♀" to PKHeX, it shows up as "⑮", which is an illegal character in the games. I tried the same for the male symbol (Pokegen: \246E), shows up as "⑭", so probably some unicode sets are messed up.

PKHeX works fine with pkm files where the name was created in Pokegen by pasting the "♀", as it seems to read this differently than the unicode (\246E) it shows for game-created names.

While I'm at it: The "About" window has a little spelling mistake, "Inspiried by Codr's Pokegen".

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Thanks, fixed in the latest 2 commits.

(note, the string setters in the pk6 object will remap the gender symbols to their 0xE080 counterpart)

According to our wiki, there are multiple re-maps for Unicode. What bothers me is that there's also game-exclusive characters, which I believe have been re-mapped to >0xE080.

These special characters would need to be documented so that the transfer process is faithfully recreated :)

Edit: Remapped them manually, still dunno about those game-exclusive characters.

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