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Buying older firmware 3DS at gamestop


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Hello guys,

I recently updated to 10.6 to access the eshop, without realizing that it would prevent me from accessing the homebrew menu, I guess the need for pokemon yellow blinded my logic.


what im wondering is if I go to gamestop and buy a used 3ds or even a new one, will it be updated to the latest firmware???

I had no idea where to post this question, I felt like this was alright. If anybody has any knowledge on this topic please inform me, I would really like to get back to injecting.


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As the update is not out for very long, you'll have a good chance to get an older version.

However, you can not be sure before you have it in hand. Maybe you can try the used ones and just check the settings?

New ones probably are not on latest firmware yet, quite likely they were producted before the update was availible.

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