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Can someone restore my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky save?


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I got my save broken because some piracy protection, but I opened it on HxD and it seems to be more or less ok.

I made two backups with:


It's an european cartridge (played in spanish, but it is multi5), can someone try to make it work at least on Desmume?

Here I asked help, idk if something can help:


And here I found a bit of information about the save, but I didn't touched it too much:


I would really really apreciate it, I know that is difficult to restore it, but I think that is possible, I compared to another save (which one works on desmume) and it seems to be similar.

There are my backups:


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Both saves have an extra byte at the beginning for some reason. If you open your saves in HxD and remove it (and say yes to changing the file size), POKEDUN SORA.0.SAV works for me in DeSmuMe. Ideally, there will be 4 bytes before "POKE_DUN_SORA". I tried the same with POKEDUN SORA.1.SAV, but it didn't work, because the first hundred or so bytes are all 0. I suggest trying to redump that one, just in case the failure was a fluke.

[Edit] I managed to fix the second one. I forgot that there's a backup save about 50K in.


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@evandixon then if I try to inject that save with https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12405-A-tool-to-backup-HG-SS-saves would work?

I was watching the saves on HxD, they are different, but idk if they are going to work or not.

It won't work on a 3DS, because in DS mode, once a cartridge is removed, the system won't recognize anything any other inserted cart.

If you get it working on a DS Lite, then it might work.

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It's sad to see how we can edit Shuffle or Rumble World without problems, and Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky that had a biggest impact we can't. I still having hope to get my save back on my cartridge.

Now I don't know if my save is wrong or it's only the save managers that didn't insert correctly my save into the cartridge.

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