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ΩR/αS - PGL Lance's Dragonite


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Pokemon: Dragonite

Gender: Male

Level: 62

OT: Lance/Peter/Siegfried/ワタル/목호

ID: 03046

Ability: Inner Focus

Nature: Rando.





Hyper Beam

Item: None

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Classic

Location: Pokemon League

Dates: Start: 15th March, End: 28th April

Game Distribution: ΩR/αS

Distribution Type: Serial Code

Distribution Location: Pokemon Global Link


Pokemon Global Link

Serebii's post on NeoGAF

The next PGL event will be given out to players who enter the Kanto Classic Battle Competition which you can register for starting February 24th until March 4th and which runs from March 4th until March 6th. You must take part in at least 3 battles to get the code which will be distributed on the PGL website at a later date. The gift is based on Lance's Dragonite from RGBY and as such knows the move Barrier which it cannot normally learn.

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