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OR/AS Exclusive - Battle Ready Zoroark (Exclusive Move)


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Pokemon: Zoroark

Gender: Random

Level: 50

OT: Sly

ID: 11045 (SID:556)

Ability: Illusion

Nature: Random


Sludge Bomb

Dark Pulse


Sucker Punch


Pokeball: Ultra Ball

Ribbon: Classic

Location: A lovely Place

Dates: 3/11/2015 - ?

Game Distribution: OR/AS

Distribution Type: Mystery Gift

Distribution Location:

Sources: http://xy8.pokemontcgxy.com/en-us/video-game

You can find both the pk6 and the wc6 card in the events contribution thread.

(It´s my first post here and I really don´t know how to do it :frown: and if there is anything wrong with it please let me know :wink:)

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This has an official website now http://xy8.pokemontcgxy.com/en-us/video-game

It will also be available at German GameStops from November 26 to Dezember 28. http://xy8.pokemontcgxy.com/de-de/video-game

Other countries might follow.

You can also watch Zoroark: Master of Illusions on that site!


The German website was removed. https://web.archive.org/web/20151107190239/http://xy8.pokemontcgxy.com/de-de/video-game

Maybe they are reconstructing it because even though the site mentioned a distribution at GameStop they explained how to get Zoroark via Nintendo Network.

Or it was canceled/moved to a later date.

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