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iv got a question.


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well im kinda new here and i want to do things like pokesav! iv got a few question about it.

1. can i get diffrent form pokemon like if i wanted an A unknown will i get it?

or if i wanted a shymin sky form? please tell me how to do it if its possable!

2. will the pokemon i mak in pokesave go in the pc box or in my party when i put the

data back in my game?

thanks to who ever awnsers my questions!

Edit: srry if this is in the wrong section.

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i had to O_o
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Okay... I'm assuming you haven't even touched Pokesav.

Because those questions are answered really easily if you just look around pokesav.

Yes, you can choose the form of the pokemon... Keep in mind - forms like Sky Form fore Shaymin ONLY work in Diamond.... But as for Unknowns, you can change them to whatever you like...

For pokemon you make. The main Pokesav window allows edits for party pokemon... And then there is a seperate storage button on the main Pokesav window which allows you to edit storage pokemon...

These edits will take place in their respective places once the SAV file is saved and put back in the game.

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