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Completing your Pokedex


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To mark my excitement of completing my own National Dex, I will help others do the same. In other words, I will trade eggs. I don't need anything so trade me whatever via WiFi-Trading. Don't expect hacked stats or specific natures, but I can breed for egg moves. Just let me know:

Pokedex #:







Since it's in the egg, I can't guarantee much of anything but will go out of my way to breed for moves and to use an everstone to attempt to get a desired nature. There are a few pokemon that I can't use a everstone with. (i.e. when breeding for a Wynaut, my Wobbufet will need to hold Lax Incense, etc)


1. If you don't get the desired nature, or want to tweak your stats further, I suggest continuing to breed the pokemon further.

2. Timeliness is contingent upon how much, if at all, I'm bombarded with requests. Be patient, I'll notify you via PM that a pokemon is ready and we can go from there.

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Are all your Pokémon of legit origin? No pokesav anything, no hacks, no action replay giving you whatever pokémon you tell it to, etc. Now, to clarify here, I do use an action replay but only for 100% catch rate, mining walls not crumbling, and Mega EXP gain (which still gives you EVs I believe, but idc about that. I just like to level faster). What I mean with the AR is a cheat that gives you every pokémon in your PC, makes all your encounters for the same pokémon, etc. I want legit origin. Basically, no fake pokémon. Eggs are totally fine as long as every previous breeding line pokémon is legit. If you can do that for me, I will owe you my undying gratitude and whatever I am able to help you with on your game. You can PM me or IM/email me at noxvulpesvolpes [at] yahoo [dot] com. Just let me know who you are if you go the yahoo route.

P.S. I don't mean to sound stuck up or anything. I just like my game as legit as possible without eating up my entire life. I do have to do college crap that takes up most of my life already.


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