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BFME: Battle Frontier Moveset Editor for Gen IV and Gen V (version 2.0)

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I finally decided to jump the gun and go make my own tool.


As of version 2.0, it works with DP Battle Tower, PtHGSS Battle Frontier, B(2)W(2) Battle Subway and B2W2 PWT.

Compatible files:


  • Battle Tower: battle/b_tower/btdpm.narc


  • Battle Tower: battle/b_pl_tower/pl_btdpm.narc
  • Battle Hall: battle/b_pl_stage/pl_bsdpm.narc


  • Battle Tower: a/2/0/3
  • Battle Hall: a/2/0/4


  • Battle Subway: a/2/1/4


  • Battle Subway: a/2/1/1
  • PWT (Rental Master): a/2/5/7

For Pt and HGSS, facilities other than the Battle Hall use the Battle Tower roster.

Features you can play with:

  • Pokémon
  • Held Item
  • Nature
  • EVs
  • Moves
  • Alternate forms

Also you can't modify File 0, since you would gain nothing from it anyway.

Alternate forms:

Note: If the byte refers to a form that doesn't exist in one given game, it will simply be treated as the default form.

Note 2: Castform and Cherrim have functional bytes for the form change, but are not included.

Note 3: Alternate forms will use the abilities of the default form!

Pokémon with alternate forms:

  • Pichu (HGSS)
  • Unown
  • Castform (not editable)
  • Deoxys
  • Burmy
  • Wormadam
  • Cherrim (not editable)
  • Shellos
  • Gastrodon
  • Rotom (not in DP)
  • Giratina (not in DP)
  • Shaymin (not in DP)
  • Arceus
  • Basculin (Gen V)
  • Darmanitan (Gen V)
  • Deerling (Gen V)
  • Sawsbuck (Gen V)
  • Tornadus (B2W2)
  • Thundurus (B2W2)
  • Landorus (B2W2)
  • Kyurem (B2W2)
  • Keldeo (B2W2)
  • Meloetta (Gen V)
  • Genesect (Gen V)





_Battle Subway Pokémon are now editable

_Moves are sorted alphabetically

_Items are sorted alphabetically

_Only items that have an effect when held are listed

_Added Pokémon sprites

_Added items sprites

Let me know if there's a bug.

Enjoy :)



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